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From the shapes of the past we have invented the sun umbrella of  the future. Pyramid, a new, revolutionary, patented backlit, rigid panel constructed umbrella.

The Pyramid sun umbrella adds a touch of elegance to any location it is placed in, shading its guests from dawn till dusk. When open, it provides shade and shelter from the rain; its backlit panels allow it to be used in the evenings, without having to resort to additional lighting systems. When closed, it turns into a exquisitely designed ornamental lamp.

Pyramid features rigid panels upholstered with an easy to print fabric, which make it fully customisable both inside and outside. Its potentials as a commercial gadget and a clean canvas for artists are practically endless, ensuring maximum freedom of expression.

It is provided with a simple, self-balancing and servo-assisted mechanism also available in fully automatic version with remote control. This sun umbrella is built with nautical materials and components  that are highly resistant to atmospheric agents.​
A design vision inspired by the concepts of proportion, aesthetics and attention to detail, along with a deep understanding of materials, guides the Robertopamio + partners business philosophy and finds its fullest expression in the lighting and furniture designs. The company has collaborated on projects in the fields of lighting, furniture and street furniture.

The new sun umbrella hides and protects its precious fabric inside, preserving it. The fabric is totally seamless, fully waterproof and fireproof. Pyramid has been designed as a modular product, to ensure that all its components can be individually replaced, such as a fabric segment or a rigid panel, if required. Electrical wires and cables are concealed inside the structure in order to preserve its aesthetic value and to ensure the long life of the electrical system. Pyramid is also environmentally friendly, as its dimming LED lights provide a high energy efficient lighting system. Using a low voltage system is highly beneficial in terms of safety and compliance with reference standards. The Pyramid sun umbrella patent underwent structural calculations and aerodynamic resistance simulations to make it suitable for the most diverse environments and applications. 



The sun umbrella with double personality

Exuberant, massive and charismatic when open, discreet and low-profile when closed. The Venezia model transforms the space below when open. Luxury and elegance become immediately protagonists. When
not in use, it quickly folds away, at the borders of the floor, thus leaving it free of obstacles.



The sun umbrella that moves in perfect harmony

Design and operation simplicity are combined in a truly unique umbrella with retractable side arm. Quick and easy to open and incline thanks to the perfect weight balancing, Swing opens up and is tensioned by means of a nautical pulley featuring quick locking system.
A practical tilting system also allows adjusting the inclination of the sun umbrella according to the sun, or to avoid objects below.


The technical umbrella in style

This sun umbrella is tensioned and decisive lines to match the most modern and fashionable contexts. An object with minimalist style,truly unique, perfect at the border of a swimming pool as well as in an urban context, without ever betraying its
nature of technical and professional umbrella.